Machinery supply

As a local agent for machitech we provide a solution for all needs :

fiber_manual_record plasma (conventional, mixed-gas, and high definition)
fiber_manual_record oxy-fuel
fiber_manual_record water jet
fiber_manual_record fiber laser
fiber_manual_record robotic
fiber_manual_record waterbed or downdraft material support
fiber_manual_record modular or unitized construction
fiber_manual_record dimensions according to your needs
fiber_manual_record 5-axis head for bevel cutting
fiber_manual_record drilling station
fiber_manual_record pipe and tube cutter
fiber_manual_record rolls
fiber_manual_record shears
fiber_manual_record press brakes
fiber_manual_record other machine tools available upon request

And as a local agent for raycowylie we provide:

fiber_manual_record Safe Load Indicators
fiber_manual_record Load Indicators
fiber_manual_record Offshore Products
fiber_manual_record Mooring Lines
fiber_manual_record Range Limiting Devices
fiber_manual_record Weighlink
fiber_manual_record Wind Speed Indicator
fiber_manual_record Anti-Two-Block
fiber_manual_record Boom Angle Indicator
fiber_manual_record Drum Rotation Indicator
fiber_manual_record Weighing and Totalizing Systems
fiber_manual_record Crane Vision Solution
fiber_manual_record Legacy Products
Manpower contractor

We Skilled manpower for your needs:

fiber_manual_record Site managers
fiber_manual_record Engineers: Project, safety, civil, quality
fiber_manual_record Field Supervisors
fiber_manual_record Quality Supervisors
fiber_manual_record Welders,all types
fiber_manual_record Pipe fitters
fiber_manual_record Pipe fabricators
fiber_manual_record Civil workers
fiber_manual_record Technicians
fiber_manual_record Surveyors and more

The company has made an outstanding contribution to civil engineering projects around the country in widely divergent areas such as High rise buildings, commercial complexes, water treatment plants, sewerage system, workshops, ware houses, substations, control buildings and other environment related projects. Together with the experienced & qualified workforce, superior skills and deployment of reliable & efficient equipment EPCO has developed a reputation of completing projects on time within budget without compromising on safety & quality.

Mechanical work ( Welding ,Fabrication ,Erection )

Epco is a leading in a Mechanical & Piping Contractor and have executed many specialized mechanical and cross- country pipelines projects for a wide range of local and international clients in Egypt. The safety & quality we apply to our works have enabled us to establish long term relationship with our clients. Our welders, pipe fitters, workers and equipment crews have high skilled technical expertise and are supported by supervisors and Engineers that possess a complete knowledge of mechanical piping requirements.

We thoroughly understand the complexity and difficulty of projects that utilize a wide range of piping materials, often installed in confined areas and sometimes under extremely difficult and challenging environmental conditions.

Epco provides a full range of welding, cutting, transporting, and assembly operations for fabrication of pipes in nearly all diameters and wall thickness using the latest technology and processes.