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Our Fit Clamp

EPCO pipe welding clamp is for alignment, it can be used directly on stainless steel without any additional accessories. This is due to stainless steel feet and screws. Thus preventing contamination of pipes.

fiber_manual_record Robust Design, built to last
fiber_manual_record Easy to use
fiber_manual_record Sliding T-bar Handle ideal for use in tight spots and secure clamping
fiber_manual_record Fine adjustment screws for quick fit-up

Available Sizes:

Pipe Diameter In Inch Pipe Diameter In mm
2-6” 5-170 mm
5-12” 127-325 mm
12-16” 325-406 mm

EPCO pipe welding clamp is used for alignment pipe with varial meteral as per EPCO appropriate design. such as (cs-ss-alloy,...etc), the design according with interpaianed standard

Pipe Cage Clamp

Designed to quickly align a single size of pipe, not to reform it. Each size clamp fits a specific pipe diameter.

fiber_manual_record Manual Clamp
fiber_manual_record Simple and easy to use
fiber_manual_record WIIL NOT back off during welding operation

Available Sizes:

Pipe Diameter In InchPipe Diameter In mmClamp Weight In KG
4”102 mm8.6 KG
6”152 mm14.4 KG
8”203 mm14.9 KG
10”254 mm23 KG
12”305 mm23.9 KG
14”356 mm31.5 KG
16”406 mm45.9 KG
18”457 mm49.5 KG
20”508 mm54 KG

Larger cage clamps till 32” could be manufactured upon request.

Tri Pipe Stand

Three leg, height adjustable V-Head pipe stand.

Our Tri Pipe stand securely holds pipe in place for a variety of applications. Designed for quick and easy use, the Tri pipe stand retains the V-Head to the tube for quick adjustments and features locking rings that allow for quick vertical height adjustments.

fiber_manual_record Locking ring allows for quick vertical height adjustments
fiber_manual_record Designed for easy, 1-man operation suitable in tight places
fiber_manual_record Heavy-duty pipe stand has a maximum weight capacity of 3360 lbs. “1525 KG” to handle large pipes
fiber_manual_record Pipe stand is easy to use and designed for easy set-up and transport
fiber_manual_record Full lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship
fiber_manual_record Ring washer lock
EPCO Heavy Duty WU Pipe stand

EPCO Heavy Duty WU Pipe stand is used for huge pipe up to 3000, Designed to withstand immense duty against pipe fabrication abuse.

Looking for heavy duty bargains ??
Our Hulking Pipe Stand is what you are looking for as it is ready to safely hold larger diameter heavy wall pipe off the ground at an ergonomic height.

fiber_manual_record Holds large diameter pipes off the ground at an ergonomic height

DescriptionLoad Capacity(Kg/LBS)Pipe SizeRack HeightWeight(KG/LBS)
3 ton hulking U pipe rack3000 kg / 6600 lbsUp to 147 cm/58” on lower base95 cm to 145 cm≈ 55 kg / 118 lbs

Larger racks with higher bearing and pipe diameter could be designed upon request.

Roller Pipe Stand

Targeting pipe fabrication with wide range pipe’s diameters

Our Roller Pipe Rack gives an important extra feature with its adjustable roller head allowing the use of the same rack to withstand different pipes with various diameters.

fiber_manual_record 4” diameter steel wheel 1.25” in width
fiber_manual_record Removable wheel housing for ease of shipment and replacement
fiber_manual_record 5500 lbs. weight capacity
fiber_manual_record Shipping weight 88 lbs. (40 KG)

Adjustable Roller Pipe Stand

Adding more and more value to our quality racks.

Our Wobble Roller Pipe Rack allows working different pipes with various diameters and on different heights offering more options thus being convenient for different site needs and situations

fiber_manual_record 4” diameter steel wheel 1.25” in width
fiber_manual_record Removable wheel housing for ease of shipment and replacement.
fiber_manual_record Additional functions as compared to the fixed height model
fiber_manual_record 3500 lbs. weight capacity
fiber_manual_record Shipping weight 110 lbs. (50 KG)

Pipe Supports

Specialized in offering a safe and effective way to hold and withstand pipe’s loads for a lifetime.

We are ready to deliver and fix different types of pipe supports according to client needs from pipe supports with straps to pipe clamps to pipe holding frames. All come in high quality standards with speedy means and competing price.

fiber_manual_record Pipe Saddle Support with Strap
fiber_manual_record Clamps And Supporting Frames
fiber_manual_record Pipe Clamps

Tie Rods & Water Parier

We are now able to serve you in other aspects than mechanical ones. Starting with tie rods needed for concrete castings and other uses. No need to mention their quality and delivery timing that we take care of.

fiber_manual_record Simple Tie Rod
fiber_manual_record Tie Rod Water Stopper


We are proud to offer our services for supplying different pipe fittings with premium quality and high standards. Fittings come in different materials and specs according to diverse client’s requirements.

fiber_manual_record Elbows 90
fiber_manual_record Elbows 45
fiber_manual_record Equal Tee
fiber_manual_record Lateral Tee
fiber_manual_record Reducer Tee
fiber_manual_record Adaptor and Backing Flanges

Cylinder Cart

Our Cylinder Cart offers a safe method of handling and transporting cylinders and cutting torch around the work site easily, thus protecting it from damage due to dragging along harsh ground. Moreover. Our buggy has the capacity of transporting 2 cylinders/ torches at a time, this is due to 2 compartments with heavy duty ratchet straps. Brackets are included for holding cutting torch and hose.

Sturdy handles and large 16" diameter wheels for tilt-n-go portability. Heavy-duty uniform capacity rating is 500 pounds. Convenient open-top storage tray included on CYL-E series carts only. CYL-2 models include lockable storage box for regulators. Box includes hose opening so regulator does not need to be disconnected for storage. Lifting eye is 2" maximum diameter, material thickness is 7/16". Fork pockets for transportation is included on CYL-2 models. Usable size of each fork pocket is 7-1/2"W x 2-9/16"H.

Units with fire protection include 1/2" (approximately 13mm) marinate 1 material, which provides a 30 minute fire protection barrier as described by OSHA standards 1910.253 and 1926.350. Welded steel construction with a baked-in powder coated finish for toughness. Not designed for use as a storage means for gas cylinders.

Emergency Doors

Our Army of products have no limits. We at EPCO are delighted to supply and provide you with fire fighting doors in needed projects. Off course our doors come with quality and needed certifications.

fiber_manual_record Self-latching
fiber_manual_record Self-closing
fiber_manual_record Fire rated hardware
fiber_manual_record Fire rated hinges
fiber_manual_record Up to 60/90/120 Min as per British and American Standards
fiber_manual_record Electrostatic coating
fiber_manual_record Liquid coating(Epoxy, Doko & Oil Paint)
fiber_manual_record Finish/Touch Up paint applied at site
fiber_manual_record Custom sizes according to needed up to
1000 mm wide x 2200 mm high ( single )
2000 mm wide x 2200 mm high ( double )